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Yerba Mate comsuption has become a usual habit all over South america

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    The consumption of Yerba Mate plays a social role:"Sharing"

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    When in the region, Jesuits promptly adopted Yerba Mate as a usual habit

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    Yerba Mate has always been associated with energetic & health-giving properties

Guarana & PassionFruit


South American rainforest is a powerhouse of natural medicines,two of its greatest exponents, guarana and yerba mate, together for the first time, to create a super-drink, with superlative healing and energizing powers.


59.5% Yerba mate - 10% Orozuz raiz (Orozuz root) - 5% Ortiga hojas (Nettle leaves) - 5% - Te verde (Green tea)

10% Hierba de limon (Lemon grass) - 5% Anana fruta (Pineapple fruit) - 3.5% Sabor papaya cream (Papaya cream flavour) -1% Flores de rosas (Rose blossoms)

0.5% Calendula flor (Madrigol flower) - 0.5% Flor de maiz (Corn flowers)

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Green Tea & Papaya Cream


Yerba mate and green tea, two ancient nutraceutal food, combined to create a powerful detoxifier,that remove unwanted impurities, helps weight loos by increasing metabolism and acting as a mild diuretic.


59.5% Yerba mate - 10% Hierba de limon (Lemon Grass) - 10% Orozuz Raiz (Orozuz root) - 5% - Ortiga Hojas (Nettle leaves) - 5% Te Verde (Green Tea) 5% Anana Fruta (Pineapple fruit) - 3.5% Sabor Papaya Cream (Papaya Cream Flavour) - 1% Flores de rosas (Rose blossoms) - 0.5% Calendula Flor (Marigold flower) - 0.5% Flor de maiz (Com flowers)

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Green Tea & Lemon Verbena


Nature has the best recipies for a long happy life. This blend combines in a balanced way: yerba mate, green tea, mint and lemon verbena, obtaining an refresing infusion with a unique texture rich in antioxidants, that brings an harmoniously state of phisical and psycological well-being.


67.5% Yerba mate - 15% Te Verde(Green Tea)

12% Cedron (Lemon Verbena) - 3% Menta (Mint)

0.75% Flores de Rosa(Rose Blossoms) - 0.75% Calendula flor (Marigdol Flowers)

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Yerba Mate Taragüi is delicious with sugar, honey or regular milk